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JMC Engine is specialized in demanding machined cast iron components for larger diesel and gas engines – and operators with similar requirements. Cylinder heads, valve guide blocks, fuel injection housings, you name it.

We are not your supplier – we are your colleagues. Every product and spec, every tool and measurement, every person and call matters to us. Every question is answered, fast.

Keep your production running with JMC Engine.

Nordic Quality

We provide high-quality machining and assembly services for the international engine and machine industry. We offer component manufacturing and system assembly services that require high automation and profound knowledge and expertise in metal machining.

Our equipment, production methods and experience represent the highest quality, technology and expertise. Our uncompromised northern dedication completes even the most demanding work.


Our service covers all units through machining, deburring, pressure testing and assembly – from supplier network to personnel and proudly finished end products.

We promise

hiqh-quality products  •  delivery accuracy  •  a competitive cost level

We serve our customers by effective management of the entire production chain, which includes the subcontractor network, acquisition of materials and services, production and manufacturing methods, and assembly services. Our emphasis on continuous development guarantees the effectiveness of the entire process.

A transparent service is the key to a trust-based partnership.


We are your one-stop shop – from sourcing to production and assembly.


You specify the machining and assembly settings required. We get it done, at the right time and with the right quality.

Professional pride

We want to be proud of our work and improve ourselves constantly. We believe you are the same.


An open partnership ensures better reliability! Our long-term partners appreciate our openness. Our hard work ensures our partners can trust us and focus on developing their own business operations.

When our partner succeeds, JMC Engine succeeds!

Our business idea is to help our partners prosper. The goal of cooperation is to improve our partners’ competitive position in the international markets.


Maintaining a modern and efficient machine equipment is our top priority. We improve our machine and tool expertise systematically so that we can always offer the most optimal solution for our customers.

Machining Centres

MCM iTank 1450 5-Axis Centre
x = 1450 mm
y = 1200 mm
z = 1500 mm
10 pallets 800 * 630
control Fanuc

MCM Clock 1300 MP10 (2009)
x = 1300 mm
y = 1300 mm
z = 1300 mm
10 pallets 800 * 630
control Fanuc

MCM Clock 1200 MP10 (2 units)
x = 1200 mm
y = 850 mm
z = 850 mm
10 pallets 630 * 630 mm
control Fanuc

Matsuura MC-900HG
x = 920 mm
y = 920 mm
z = 910 mm
10 pallets 630 * 630 mm
control Fanuc

Doosan ACE-HM1000MC
x = 2100 mm
y = 1250 mm
z = 1250 mm
Pallet size 1250 * 1000
control: Fanuc

Daewoo ACE-HM800MC (2 units)
x = 1250 mm
y = 1000 mm
z = 1000 mm
Pallet size 800 * 800
control: Fanuc

Quality Control

Zeiss Accura 3D coordinate measurement machine (2009)
x = 1200 mm
y = 2400 mm
z = 1000 mm

Zeiss Eclipse 3D coordinate measurement machine
x = 700 mm
y = 1000 mm
z = 580 mm


Doosan TT2500 (2013)
turning diameter 390 mm
turning lenght 300
bar diameter 76 mm

Mori Seiki NT 4250 / 1500SZ
x = 750 m
x = 195 mm (revolver 2)
y = ±210 mm
z = 1550+ 100 mm
z = 1525 mm (revolver 2)
b = ± 120
turning diameter 660 mm
turning length 1542 mm
bar diameter 80 mm
control Fanuc

Daewoo Puma 300 MSC 
turning diameter 355 mm
turning lenght 565 mm
bar diameter 102 mm
control Fanuc

Daewoo Puma TX-200-Y 
turning diameter 300 mm
turning lenght 200 mm
bar diameter 65 mm

Daewoo Puma 8 HC 
turning diameter 350 mm
turning lenght 400 mm
bar diameter 52 mm

Daewoo Puma 12L-B (2 units) 
turning diameter 480 mm
turning lenght 1020 mm
bar diameter 90 mm

Takisawa TMM-200 Module-1 
turning diameter 240 mm
turning lenght 660 mm
bar diameter
control Fanuc 18is-TB


By using of robots we ensure the most effective handling of products and processes in production.

In machining:

Fanuc R-2000iC /125 L
Motoman UP600N -robot (2009)
Motoman ES165N -100

In finishing of products:

Fanuc R-2000iC / 165 F


Quality is paramount to us and it’s in the core of everything we do. The quality of our operation is proven every day in products that fulfill even the most demanding quality standards.

Environmental Policy

JMC Engine Oy’s operations are guided by the quality and environmental management system which is based on ISO9001- and 14001-standards. The environmental impacts of our operation concern the use of energy and the waste created by production. We are committed to operating with responsible manner in all environmental aspects. We monitor and control the energy usage and the recycling of various types of waste.

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